Brazil, August 26, 2016.

U.N. - United Nations To His Excellency,

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

Your Excellency,

This letter refers to the alleged violation of Human Rights in Brazil brought up by our former President, Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, by means of a petition letter to the United Nations blaming Federal Judge Sergio Moro. To restore the truth and defend the honor of our country we, Brazilian citizens, feel compelled to present our reproach regarding this immoral initiative by Mr. Lula da Silva. Here is a brief summary to support our point of view:

  1. Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, hereby referred as Lula, was the President of Brazil for two consecutive mandates, from 2003 to 2010, during which major corruption scandals took place.
  2. Lula’s management style was focused in obtaining political control of the Brazilian State. To reach this goal, he placed thousands of members of his political party in strategic posts, including the Supreme Federal Court and the Superior Electoral Court. His successor, Ms. Dilma Rousseff, about to be impeached by the National Congress, also appointed many additional strategic positions during her administration, thus guaranteeing advantages such as delays in the impeachment proceedings as well as protecting and shielding personal interests of the workers party (PT). This project for everlasting political party power is linked to the interests of the São Paulo Forum, a supranational entity whose main goal is to implement socialism in Latin-American countries. PT, the Workers Party created by Lula, is one of the Forum's founding members.
  3. This antidemocratic project was undermined by the firm action of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and by the Justice of Paraná, namely Federal Judge Sergio Moro. The resolve and competence of this judge, aided by the staff involved in the investigations, resulted in the exposure of hundreds of cases of corruption, chicanery and bribery involving some of the more prominent companies in the country and also hundreds of politicians, public servants and entrepreneurs, within the so-called “Car-Wash Investigation”.
  4. Most initiatives by former president Lula aim to ensure sources of bribery and a large contingent of voters among the lowest income, generating commissions to Lula’s party and politicians at many levels. Economically unsustainable policies and populist measures resulted in a recession without precedents in the History of Brazil, with more than 12 million unemployed, hundreds of thousands of bankrupt companies, capital and investments flight from Brazil, and the extraordinary growth of our internal public debt, currently representing 70% of the GDP.
  5. Lula’s successor, Ms Dilma Rousseff, was re-elected amidst an economic crisis that she denied and covered during the election campaign. Besides, her campaign was funded with kickback resources; finally, she was elected by a small margin of votes (3%), through a not auditable electronic voting system operated by Smartmatic International, company that has been sued for fraud in various countries such as the US and Philippines.
  6. Abundant evidence reveals that the ruling party actions could be compared to an organized crime entity aiming to gain political control of the State, undermining it and subverting the institutions to implement a totalitarian and everlasting regime, much like what bolivarianists Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro did in Venezuela.
  7. Regarding Mr. Lula, there are several complaints under investigation due to his direct involvement in shady operations among private companies and the Brazilian State. Recently, he has been indicted for obstruction of Justice by the Federal Public Ministry. That explains why the former president, feeling himself cornered, created petitions contesting the strength of the Brazilian institutions, although they all follow strictly the current legislation.
  8. Your Excellency, there would be much more to report, but we wish to be mindful of your time and priorities. We may assure you that Brazilian Justice acts with correction and it is very likely that former president Lula will be sentenced to prison along with his inner circle of "partners" and supporters.

This letter, Mr. Secretary General, is intended as an open letter, signed by Brazilians who condemn the actions of Mr. Lula and his ill party. At the same time, we state as false the arguments of a “coup” regarding Ms.Rousseff’s; we are going through a legitimate impeachment process, being judged by the National Congress under the Supreme Court's supervision. We also attest that no "political prosecution" is taking place in our country, and that all the accused have their rights ensured to defend themselves in strict observance of the law.

The undersigned movements and groups are among the ones that have led the recent protests which took over more than six million people to the streets, asking for the impeachment of Mr. Lula’s successor.

In those terms, we declare our most vehement protest to Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's attitude, reinforcing that Brazil has solid institutions and the overwhelming majority of the Brazilian people defends Democracy and repudiates corruption and rejects abuses of authority.

At last, we state that Brazilians WILL NOT ACCEPT any external interference in our Court proceedings, since they are strictly in accordance with the Law.

Brasilia, Brazil, August , 26th, 2016.

(In alphabetical order)
A Voz do Cidadão Acorda Brasil Acorde
Aliança Nacional dos Movimentos Democráticos Amazonas em Ação Avança Brasil Maçons
BH Contra a Corrupção Brasil Limpo Brasil Melhor
Cariocas Direitos Cidadão Alerta Conclave pela Democracia
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Impeachment Dilma- Salvador Instituto Brasil Nas Ruas Instituto de Cultura de Cidadania
Instituto de Democracia e Ética Instituto Resgata Brasil Jornalista Joice Hasselmann
Juntos pelo Brasil MBR Movimento Brasil MCB - Movimento Cidadania Brasil
Militância Anti-PT Movimento Brasil Livre Movimento Civil XV de Março
Movimento Federalista Movimento Fora Corruptos Movimento Legislação e Vida
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